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How do you help an iconic university standout online without diminishing their brand?

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Stanford has an unmatched reputation in higher education, but attracting students through digital media is tough.

Raising their brand. Creating an online legacy.

While more and more universities are starting to build up their online programs, very few of them are doing anything to stand out. This gave us a unique opportunity to switch things up and help Stanford Online grab the attention of learners around the world, starting with two digital campaigns for their Digital Transformation and Advanced Cybersecurity programs.

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Go where the learners go.

To capture the attention of our target audiences we increased Stanford Online's digital presence creating emails, digital display ads, and social media ads for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and more.

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Content in a different class.

In order to create engaging content and stop learners in their tracks, we stuck to the cardinal rule of creativity, make it interesting.

Using a combination of abstract shapes, pops of color and iconic imagery and then paying it off with fun, thought provoking headlines—we made digital ads that were impossible to scroll past.

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