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Helping an iconic American brand get better with age.

While their brand has always been deeply adored, Rombauer originally came to us in hopes of expanding their offerings and awareness. Since then, we have helped them go from a one-drink pony, to one of the country's most recognized wine brands.

Digital Media


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Reds, Whites and Rombauer Blue.

From Napa Valley, California, the Rombauer brand is deeply rooted in American culture. With their own brand of blue, and “The joy of wine” at the core of who they are, Rombauer needed a partner that could blend the old with the new and guide their brand to exciting new heights.

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The beginning of a joyous relationship.

Back then, enthusiasm for Rombauer was focused primarily on their world famous chardonnay, even amongst their most passionate supporters. Together, we created a series of digital and creative campaigns to expand their tent and elevate their portfolio in a joyful and captivating way.

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Rombauer Savour the Moments
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A proven pairing.

After the success of our initial digital campaign - Rombauer’s first ever - they were excited to come back again. This time for something new. While the first campaign was about deepening engagement with their existing audience, the second forced us to find a fresh approach. We were no longer speaking to our audience, but taking a new product, Sauvignon Blanc, to a younger demographic. In the end, the results were the same, compelling campaigns that dramatically overperformed.

There's truth in wine and numbers.


With improved ad creative and copy focusing more on the experience of wine than the wine itself, we saw an increase in CTRs of amost 80% YOY.


With advanced targeting efforts pairing credit card purchase data with retail store visits where our wine was sold, we were able to reduce CPC approximately 62% YOY.


YOY sales increased online by 70% with only a XX% increase in ad spend. Even with an increase of 93% traffic to the site, the bounce rate remained under 50%.

What’s your Rombauer Hour?

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What's your Rombauer Hour?

For our latest campaign, we invite our audience to indulge in the every day moments. Wherever you are in life, whatever stage you’re in, make time for you. There’s a reason Rombauer Hour exists. Because you deserve it. This is your moment. What’s your Rombauer Hour?

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Joy Repackaged.

From our One Cent Shipping promotion (on six bottles or more), to restaurant-bill inserts, pairing cards, shelf talkers and in-store bottleneckers, we have helped Rombauer elevate their ecommerce and direct-to-consumer sales to record numbers–all while staying true to the Rombauer brand.

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Uncorking our full potential.

Over the years, our relationship with Rombauer has grown even stronger. Using smart strategy and bold creative, we've helped them create a wide variety of engaging content, established a powerful DTC channel, and optimized their ROAS on an annual basis – all while navigating droughts, wildfires and even a global pandemic.