Cuvée Coffee

Always something brewing

A crisp line drawing of a coffee house selling Cuvee Coffee


  • Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo & Video
  • Social
  • Packaging
  • Digital Marketing

Transforming an Austin-based coffee brand from the grounds up.

With over 20 years of experience making craft and nitro cold brew coffee, Cuvée came to us to help them refresh their brand with new and engaging lifestyle content. They were primed for retail growth and in need of new creative juices to blend with their caffeinated collection of products.

Cuvee Cold Brew Cans Cuvee Cold Brew Cans


In order to help Cuvee transition from a craft coffee brand to THE coffee brand, we honed in on the active, outdoorsy and adventurous lifestyles of our audience. We conducted several shoots, capturing video and photography that speaks directly to their target audience. Even using the Founder himself (and his bubbly personality) to craft an abundance of social media content that reflected the fun side of the Cuvée brand.

Percolating a programmatic strategy.

We directed our audience of coffee drinkers to discover Cuvée online through a slew of spunky brand awareness campaigns. Blending the brand’s bold shade of blue with a delicious, flavorful attitude that drove ecommerce sales.

Pouring ourselves into the packaging.

As Cuvée Coffee expanded its offering to stand out on the retail shelf, a new packaging direction would be required—featuring an unmistakably Cuvée shade of blue that expanded through new product offerings like canned nitro cold brew and tasty merch.

Cuvée Coffee billboard
Cuvée Coffee branded t-shirts

Reaping the rewards of a good roast.

In 2021, when we first took over, we were able to drive year-over-year growth of monthly subscriptions by 46% with an additional 26% year-over-year growth in 2022. On top of that, our market strategy optimized Cuvée's screen time in the eyes of coffee sippers everywhere, resulting in a 29% increase in return on ad spend from Meta and nearly TRIPLE our return on ad spend from Instacart—leading to a combined $115K in extra revenue.


Year over year increase in monthly subscribers


Increase in return on advertising spend


In extra revenue from combined META and Instacart advertising spend

Cuvée Coffee branded hat
Cuvée Coffee branded hat
Cuvée Coffee branded hat