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Generating energy for a DTC brand.


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A new brand of supplements needed a charge.

We gave them a generator.

A founder revered in the biohacking community. A single capsule built and reformed on the scientific discovery made over a century ago. A brand, yet to be discovered. We were tasked with building a DTC consumer brand from the ground up, and then leveraging it across multiple platforms.

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Sexy, but make it sing.

As the brand was taking shape, a thorough digital marketing strategy was in the works. Given its stance as a DTC brand, we were tasked with creating the traffic and funneling it to point of sale. Beginning with the latter, our priority was taking dense material and giving it a nice punch and a little deft. What transpired was a consumer-friendly site that was informative and easy to navigate.

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Positively Charged.

To get our home page and only source of commerce, we needed a driver, or well, an entire fleet. Utilizing everything from SEO to podcasts, retargeting, paid and organic, affiliate marketing, and gaining and engaging subscribers — the results were exponential.

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$1,000,000+ in sales

27,000 bottles sold

2,054 subscribers

1.5 x ROAS

$35 CPA

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