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Assignment: Integrate and Differentiate

Verde Design and Build was an established brand in the community, having won and delivered appealing and unique residential and commercial projects in Austin for years. But the brand faced two unique challenges: articulating the unique values and advantages that tied together a diverse portfolio of work (offices, gyms, houses, furniture, tech upgrades, functional and decorative) in a consistent way… and another company in town also operating under the name “Verde” (!!) Heart of the Sun was deployed to assess the brand’s strengths and future aspirations and bring it under one new name and look via discovery, research, iteration, and refinement.

Process: Messaging Framework

HOTS delivered a matrix of value pillars, underlying proof points, copy-starting talk tracks, and how these resonate differently with the residential, commercial, subcontractor and partner audiences. We got down and dirty as teammates, not “supplier and client,” and lived in the deliverable together to ensure a fit. This document became the cheat sheet against which to test campaign ideas, copywriting, design, and as a critical first step, renaming and brand/logo choices. Rise Building Co, and its modern, practical, resourceful identity and logo were born.

Result: Consistency and Persuasion

Rise Building Co took this strategic playbook to designers and the internal web team to inform messaging, and continues to grow several lines of business under the brand in Austin without having to re-invent the message at every step. Everything that Rise does lives under the framework of Innovation, Inspiration, and Delight. Rise customers choose to have their kitchen remodeled by the same team who built out yoga studios and tech startup spaces (and vice versa) as there is a sensible connection to it all.