We've done qualitative, quantitative, primary, secondary, and internal projects. With your help, we seek "first to understand, and then to be understood." We're as against overengineering it as we are jumping in blind... and we promise it will be more fun to build and destroy if we measure first. 

Messaging that fits like your favorite pair of boots.

Tecovas is a handmade, high-quality, boot brand which provides savings over retail by shipping direct to the customer.

HOTS was tasked to review the Tecovas customer database and develop a questionnaire to effectively segment customers based upon buying habits. The goal was to group customers using category motivations and media preferences, providing more actionability for messaging and targeting than simple demographics.

The results allowed for a successful segmentation of the Tecovas customer database. Tecovas utilized the information to create new messaging targeted specifically to the segments.