Increase customer engagement and lifetime value through automated high-value content delivery

Luxe Auto Concepts came to HOTS with a highly-engaged customer base that needed more attention given to their inboxes on a consistent basis. The HOTS team put together an email automation strategy that delivered high-value content, promotions, and ultimately increased revenue.











So, How’d We Do It?

STEP ONE: Load the funnel

With ads already driving traffic to the site, we targeted users who were not yet ready to purchase with a pop-up upon attempted exit offering 5% off discount incentive.

Results: Within the first month 2% of total site traffic signed up for a code resulting in thousands of dollars of revenue.

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 9.45.48 AM.png


  1. After signup, prospects were sent an email that included the discount code along with a few very strong customer reviews. To create urgency in the email, we made sure to mention that the offer expired in 3 days.

  2. If the user has not purchased, a reminder is sent in 2 days stating the code will expire in 24 hours creating more urgency. 

  3. These users are then put into the general database where they will receive high-value content such as blog articles, sale information and tips.

Step Two: ABandoned cart

Summary: Once a user’s email is captured, we can track their movements through the site and follow-up based on their actions, including abandoning their cart. With the average cart size being $61, we set up the following automation workflows to maximize both revenue and conversion rate.

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 9.30.48 AM.png

For Carts Over The Average Size: 

  1. Send email offering 10% off their cart + 3 suggested products based on their cart to increase cart size

  2. Send a reminder email for the 10% off + reviews to qualify the purchase for the user

  3. Send 15% off email for 48 hours to increase value and create urgency

  4. Send reminder email that 15% off expires in 24 hours to create more urgency

For Carts Under The Average Size:

  1. Show products left in cart + 3 suggested products based on their cart

  2. Send reminder email + reviews to further qualify the purchase

  3. Send 10% off for 48 hours to incentivize and create urgency

  4. Send reminder email that 10% off expires in 24 hours to create even more urgency

Step three:Generate Brand Ambassadors

Turning customers into brand ambassadors should be a high priority item for businesses. The tight-knit nature of the car community made the inclusion of the purchase to ambassador automation a must. The goal for this workflow is to raise customer engagement and involvement with the brand.


  1. Immediately after purchase we send a confirmation of order, along with a personal message from the CEO. Putting a face to the company instills more trust than just a logo and text.

  2. Three days later we follow up with an email welcoming them to the family of customers as well as an invite to a Facebook group for purchasers and loyal fans. In the group, we encourage people to share photos of installations and ask questions about products.

  3. After there has been confirmation from Shopify that the order has been delivered, we wait 5 days and prompt them to leave a review for 10% off their next purchase. Once they have left their review, they are then prompted to share that review on social media to get 15% off instead of 10%.

STEP FOUR: Customer Retention

The final piece of the puzzle is winning happy customers back and gaining repeat business. We do this through our win back automation. 



  1. 50 days after purchase, we send users products that are similar to those they have already purchased. For instance, If someone purchased tail light tint we show them headlight tint.

  2. 7 days after the initial email, we follow up with a 10% off code good for 48 hours.

  3. Finally, when their code only has 12 hours left, we follow up with an email urging them to use the code before it expires.


Luxe is making more money, creating more brand ambassadors, and communicating with their customers on a level like never before. Email automation is a powerful way to reach and reward those that mean the most to your business. For Luxe, email automation meant five-figures in revenue and a 26% increase in total sales in the first month.